The Medical Center as a Compact Smart Community: Inventing the future of dense,  urban districts at six scales.


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Anouk Wipprecht

In the next decade what qualities and features would a smart, well-connected loft building and its environs have if it were developed by a research oriented medical center with the mission of optimizing both the mental and physical well-being of its occupants?

The Medical Center as a Compact Smart Community proposes to research, program and design a demonstration project that can serve as a potential model for how a community can live, work, learn and play within an existing, densely developed urban district.  Phase one will address the research, program, design and feasibility of building a residential development that anticipates the future role that the physical environment and building intelligence might play in the next decade (this grant).  If phase one demonstrates feasibility, phase two would involve the construction and stabilization of the pilot project (funded by other sources) and phase three will be a multi-year, longitudinal research project to track, analyze and provide feedback of tenant health (funded by public or private research funding sources).  Traditional, similar MDU properties in the neighborhood could provide opportunities for comparative analysis of the test project.

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