Urban District

Features and qualities of a smart community district.  add here

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Check out Quayside in Toronto for the features and qualities that can be expected in the buildings of the future.

goto: sidewalktoronto.ca

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Unit or Person level

The apartment of the future will have many features enabled by gigabit connectivity, AI and robotics.  Build a demo today.

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Apartment of the Future


There are many exotic and visionary versions of the apartment of the future out there on the web and in designers modeling applications (cannot use 'on their drawing boards' any longer).  The component parts already exist or are near to emerging on the market.

Build a prototype now and follow its users' everyday life to develop some evidence on how to configure and design better versions in the near future.

humphreys. com
humphreys. com

Assembling a Team for Imagining the Future

The American Institute of Architects Design and Health Research Consortium is one place to start.  We will contact you soon.